Nicholas Dryden

Age: Mid-Twenties

Occupation: Investigator in Department of Magical Law

House: Gryffindor

Nicholas is an investigator with the Department of Magical Law, though not an Auror, his sections cases tend to deal with smuggling of illegal trade goods. Briar and Nicholas met in the aftermath of the Sweden Reserve incident, where he was issued responsible for collecting her statements. Unfortunately due to her shock, it took far longer than expected, and he was tasked with checking in on her every so often. Due to the wild nature of Briar’s story, he’s not sure if she’s unique or mildly nuts, but it's interesting nonetheless. He’s intelligent and kind, though can become frustrated easily with the number of problems that often arise in his job. Briar has a very clear fondness of the wizard, though she often times fails at figuring how to express it without making an fool of herself. Of course, that is if she can ever convince herself that he might be interested in her beyond his job. 

Nicholas Dryden

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