Elias Ramirez

Age: Mid-Thirties

Occupation: Potions Master Extraordinaire and Business Man

House: Slytherin

A potions master and shop keep, that directly trades with many of the businesses with in Diagon Alley. He has a big personality, witty sarcasm, and a flamboyant nature Briar can’t help but be jealous of. He is incredibly selective in what he wants, and Briar, the one who often works in collecting the ingredients, must endure the well paying customer's tedious process. Elias draws out his visits purposely at times to in hopes of watching some of the strapping young male keepers at work. Elias Ramirez also serves as her got to reference for minimalist potion making for her limited magic survivalist guide for adventurous wizards. 

Elias Ramirez

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