Alexei Sokolov


Occupation: Pro-Duelist

School: Durmstrang

Alexei "The Terror" Sokolov is a graduate of Koldovstoretz and one of the most feared duelists in the lower cups. Heralded by Russian wizards as their golden boy, and a face for Russian supremacy. His Family has long held power in the international wizard community. He had never been defeated in an official duel (only in Exhibition matches with higher ranked Russian Wizards) Until Lyca defeated him at the cup finals. He seemed to take the defeat in shock, but his family was outraged, they attempted to throw their power around everywhere they could to disqualify her or discredit her win, but anyone who watched that match could see it was a clean win, and the WWDA doesn't fold easily, even to the Sokolovs.

Alexei Sokolov

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