Whitby Ailith

Age: 48
Blood Status: Pureblood (non-noble)
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Martial Status: Single, technically still Married
Occupation: Consulting Auror

Whitby Ailith, Greyson's father, is a slender, wiry man around 6'1". He has blue bespectacled eyes and dark brown hair with graying temples. He can have a serious look to him at times, but is typically very warm and friendly.

Early Years- Hogwarts
Whitby was known as a friendly and ambitious Slytherin at Hogwarts. He was a Keeper for the Slytherin Quidditch team. During this time he ran into Sable Rosier, who he would later marry.

Early Years as an Auror
Being an Auror came easily to Whitby. His naturally protective nature and his keen eye for observation aided many an investigation. He worked closely with Sable during this time, her being a skilled Obliviator. He developed a reputation for being cocky even in the face of overwhelming odds and being able to throw up powerful protection spells quickly. His bravery in the face of personal injury has earned him the respect of his fellow Aurors.

Second Wizarding War- Hogwarts
Whitby fought at the Battle of Hogwarts with a heavy heart. He knew that Sable Ailith (who had gone back to her maiden name, Rosier) was at the battle after she had recently left their family to join the Death Eaters. He did not encounter her during the battle but several others claim to have seen her briefly. Her person or body were not captured on the scene, and given her skills with memory charms and apparation, she is considered currently at large. Since then he keeps an ear open for any mention of Sable or any evidence of her whereabouts.

Current Life

Whitby suffered an injury two years prior. His right leg was hit with a curse while apprehending a dark wizard. While the medics were able to repair most of the damage they were unable to restore full function. Now he walks with the assistance of a cane and is now working for the Ministry in the Auror Department in an managerial position as a consultant.

Personal Thoughts

  • Greyson- "Couldn't be prouder of my son. He's a regular chip off the ol' block. I just worry that his personal resentment for dark wizards might make him a bit of a zealot. Here's hoping he can find a stablizing force in his life. Otherwise, more of his mother may come out."
  • Sable- "I wish I knew where she was and I hope it'll be in Azkaban. I still love her, but I can never forgive what she has done. I just don't want her choices to effect Greyson so much."

Whitby Ailith

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