Sable Rosier

Age: 47
Blood Status: Pureblood Noble
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Martial Status: Single, technically still Married
Occupation: Dark Wizard

Sable Rosier, legally Ailith, Greyson's mother, is 5'7" with an athletic build. She has deep green eyes and long black hair. She constantly looks like she is scrutinizing everything around her. She is extremely proud of her family's heritage and has a general contempt for Mudbloods.

Early Years- Hogwarts
Sable was known as a cunning, quiet, and resourceful Slytherin at Hogwarts. She was a prefect for Slytherin her 5-7 year. During this time she ran into Whitby Ailith, who she would later marry.

Early Years as an Auror
Being an Auror did not come easily to Sable. However, her skills with memory charms (and curses) and silent casting made her a natural Obliviator. Her skills at apparition helped her as well. She developed a reputation for being able to move among people undetected and cleanly erase only what was necessary. Her efficiency earned the respect of his fellow Aurors.

Second Wizarding War- Hogwarts
Sable was on the sidelines at the Battle of Hogwarts with a heavy heart. Her job was to help with the clean up after the battle was won. Once it appeared that the battle was lost, Sable took off. She is currently wanted by the Ministry of Magic as is considered dangerous. However, her whereabouts are unknown and there are no active investigations into her at this time.

Sable Rosier

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