Wands & Wizards

Case 5832-B. Entry 2

Dredgemoore claimed no knowledge of Carter's missing research journals.

A series of heists are following the public performances of a stage magician known as The Amazing Kendrick Kiffler.


The two charred bodies at the initial crime scene were identified as Lee Miles and Michael Fairchild, who were enforcers for Tommy Two-Trees.

Tobias revealed that he has been participating in Two-Trees's underground dueling ring, both for thrills and for money. Money, it should be noted, that sponsored Lyca Norrington's pro dueling career.

Greyson and Lyca infiltrated Tommy Two-Trees's club, the Grove, and found Dorian Dredgemoore researching Carter's notes in the basement. They learned that Carter had imbued human-level intelligence in a dragon. The dragon caused the fire that killed Miles and Fairchild, and Tommy Two-Trees wants the dragon, and the process to create more, for himself. The Aurors took Dredgemoore into protective custody, but now they need to find the dragon and take down Tommy Two-Trees!


Brianide Brianide

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