Greyson Ailith

Auror, former Quidditch Beater, Wolf Kicker




Age: 22
Blood Status: Pureblood (non-noble)
Hogwart House: Slytherin
Martial Status: Single
Occupation: Auror

Last Years at Hogwarts
Greyson’s last years at Hogwarts were relatively quiet compared to the beginning, but still quite exciting. He continued to play Beater for the Slytherin Quidditch. He made Captain during his sixth and seventh year and was able to maintain a winner record during those years.

He continued to spend time with his friends. He would help Lyca practice for her dueling club whenever she wanted to practice against a heavy spell caster. He would occasionally go with Briar into the scarier parts of the Forbidden Forest to go explore. He gradually spent more time with Omar since they both played against each other and they were both studying to become Aurors.

He was somewhat of a hermit during his last year as Quidditch and studying occupied most of his time. However, the time studying paid off and he got much higher scores than he anticipated.


His magical seventh year came with a tough decision. The Falmouth Falcons, Greyson’s favorite team, offered him a position on the team. It was his chance to play with the most fierce and violent team in the league. However, he would be unable to attend Auror training, his lifelong dream and his family’s tradition. It was with a heavy heart that he had to turn down the offer.

Years After Hogwarts- Auror Training
Auror training was fairly easy for Greyson. Having grown up with an Auror parent(s) and being surrounded by their Auror friends he was already fairly familiar with how things worked. He was already friendly with the instructors so he had it easy compared to most of the other students. This did not make him popular with the others.

This made it easy to be partnered up with Omar. The other students didn’t feel like being partnered up with either Mr. Nepotism or Mr. Know-It-All. The two made natural partners considering they had already worked together for several years and had complimentary skills. The two blew through training with ease and Greyson is now beginning his career as an Auror.

Personal Updates
His mother, Sable Rosier, is still on the run.

His father, Whitby Ailith, suffered an injury two years prior. His right leg was hit with a curse while apprehending a dark wizard. While the medics were able to repair most of the damage they were unable to restore full function. Now he walks with the assistance of a cane and is now working for the Ministry in the Auror Department in an managerial position.

Greyson hasn’t changed much personality-wise over the years. He is still the same cocky, occasionally hot-headed person. He still has a large, muscular, solid frame, green eyes, and dark hair.

He has adopted a more intimidating look to add to his Auror persona. He tends to have a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow, which he keeps for the rugged look. He also has a tie pin of a Bludger and two bats in the form of a skull and crossbones.

He has a tribal-style tattoo on his right arm of a Slytherin Beater flying around his arm as Bludgers fly in the opposite direction. He has a wolf face tattoo on the left side of his chest that howls on command. He recently got “Let us win, but if we cannot win, let us break a few heads” tattooed over his shoulders. On his left arm he has a small, Death Eater-looking skull on his arm with prison bars over it. He intends to add another for each Dark Wizard he puts away.

He has developed a reputation of being a heavy-handed caster among the other Aurors. He prefers to overpower others quickly and then move on to the next opponent. He can also effectively ground out spells against him. He’s also surprisingly quick to react and counter spell. However, sneaking and subtlety is not his strong suite.

Greyson Ailith

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