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Case 5832-B. Entry 2

Dredgemoore claimed no knowledge of Carter's missing research journals.

A series of heists are following the public performances of a stage magician known as The Amazing Kendrick Kiffler.


The two charred bodies at the initial crime scene were identified as Lee Miles and Michael Fairchild, who were enforcers for Tommy Two-Trees.

Tobias revealed that he has been participating in Two-Trees's underground dueling ring, both for thrills and for money. Money, it should be noted, that sponsored Lyca Norrington's pro dueling career.

Greyson and Lyca infiltrated Tommy Two-Trees's club, the Grove, and found Dorian Dredgemoore researching Carter's notes in the basement. They learned that Carter had imbued human-level intelligence in a dragon. The dragon caused the fire that killed Miles and Fairchild, and Tommy Two-Trees wants the dragon, and the process to create more, for himself. The Aurors took Dredgemoore into protective custody, but now they need to find the dragon and take down Tommy Two-Trees!

London Adventure (Part 1)
The Briar Rose's Journal

London Adventure (Part 1)

Guess where I am? That's right, the big city! First time since, well, the accident that I've been in the city. Omar out of nowhere sent me an owl inquiring about dragons for a case he was working. I immediately sought Fridrik's permission to depart. Gathered up my stuff, grabbed Nova's cage, and went to London. Decided I’d use Lyca’s flat for the stay, since she’d given me a key after she got it, and I thought it’d be nice to surprise her. I hadn’t seen her since she quit dueling, I missed her final match and the announcement, and she hadn’t seen me since… well after the.. Um, accident? Wasn’t really an accident but I don’t know a good word for it.

Anyways, I went immediately to the Department of Magical Law to find Omar and Greyson! It’d been so long since I’d seen both of them. Omar, is serious as usual, but even less willing to talk than he was in school… I mean not about case stuff, work appears to be his life however that’s not exactly healthy. Still, I was happy to see him, even if he wasn’t entirely thrilled to see me. I suppose they hadn’t heard what happened, which is good, they don’t really need to worry about that.

Greyson is bigger than I remember! I’ve always been small compared but he’s bulked up immensely. Still as friendly as I remember him though, and as equally annoyed by our discussion of personal lives as he was back then. I wonder if all new Aurors are this enthusiastic on their first cases… oh! Oh! He has these tattoos now, one is a wolf that I can hear howl every now and then. I forgot how much I missed seeing day to day wizard norms that are still somewhat oddities to me.

So the case itself… This is where Lyca gets involved. So apparently Tobias Rose woke up in a home where there were two charred bodies and essentially signs that indicated a dragon had been there. No memory of how it happened.  Apparently, he has this fiance named Colette who has Lyca currently as her bodyguard, which… well probably didn’t sit very well with Lyca. I’ve told her over and over again, it’s her own fault, but she insists that Tobias has to work for it. Poor guy can never catch a break with her. Though I do understand what she means, he is doing what his parents want as opposed to what he might want, and Lyca sees it as… cowardly. All of this tie-in is a big noble wizarding mess and it is always so confusing. Anyways there was no logical reason why Tobias should have been there. The only thing I recall is that once he’s had charms used on him once that lured him against his will to be carved up for a wand core… but… surely this can’t be related. The notes we’ve found indicate as much. Lyca’s charge, Colette, then assigned Lyca to the case. Awkward.

I tagged along and investigated the apartment building. Marks were definitely a dragon. What was a dragon doing in London? We have no missing reports filed, which means they had to be concealed or somehow controlled. That… isn’t possible, I don’t think. I mean I have but only once or twice, is there really another who could do so? If they’re a dark wizard too… this could go very, very badly.

When we went back to the Office of Magical Law, we went to see Nicholas, at my suggestion. He’d have a list of dragon dealers, obviously, so it was the perfect place to check. Not that I didn’t wish to see him either. I mean, I hadn’t seen him since… well the incident and I wanted to say hi. It was business and personal, which I know the boys frowned at, though they can’t expect us not to socialize with people we know. They see one another every day, I rarely see any of them, which I suppose may not matter too much to them.

Nicholas gave us the name of a possible dealer, Margie Mitchell (what an ordinary name for a wizard), which following Greyson and Omar took Lyca and me to a run down in bar Diagon Alley that may have had such individuals. We had a drink called unicorn brew? That wasn’t a real unicorn hoof, probably a miniature horse of some sorts. Which is good because killing unicorns is a pretty frowned upon thing. Greyson enjoyed it enough to take mine as well, then went to the bar, sparked someone’s interest. It rather fascinating to watch the two work in their environment, reminds me of all those British spy movies my father liked so much. Of course, now I’m in it, which is a little strange.

Later we ended up meeting up with a woman that Greyson had gotten the address of from the bar contact. I was to pose at the buyer, which, I’m terrible liar and they all know it. Lyca played my bodyguard, which worked well, since I don’t exactly look like the sort that might go into shady dealings. Still, some of my knowledge on dragons assisted the act…

The egg she sold was that of a Babylonian Blackfire. A dragon that isn’t currently known to reside on any of the reservations through Europe. I've visited Sweden, Wales, and Romania's reservations and can confirm.  An egg acquired in the middle east. I am wondering if Fridrik has heard of such a dragon or maybe Devi even. Is its fire really black? I’ve
neverseenfire burn black before, though some do breathe blue fire. I do not like this one little bit, especially if it is somehow still in the Greater London area. 

Greyson, Omar and Lyca all busted Margie. I honestly couldn't watch due to just how brutal that would probably be. Two Aurors and a skilled duelist, there was no need for me to step in really. Really I haven't even tried to do much since the accident. I guess I'm worried I'll just mess up a spell or something might happen, I… I don't know. It's silly isn't it? 

Our last bit of information was the name Edward Carter, a magical researcher who had recently passed, and apparently the buyer of the Dragon Egg. 
Incredibly illegal thing to be buying off the market but it happens. A lot of his research notes were present but all notes to this past year, are missing, which likely means someone wanted his notes or he had an accomplice! That was pretty exciting to write. I don’t see it as a game or fun, I mean I sort of do, but it reminds me a little of old times.

Just everyone is so serious now… overly so. Omar has gone back to all business mode all the time. I cannot imagine he is doing anything else. In school Quidditch was fun for him… I think, but what now? He liked competition which maybe he gets with Greyson as a partner. Maybe he enjoys the mystery? Greyson is friendly as ever but no personal life makes me concerned. I mean I understand loving your job, but is he scared of ending up like his dad? Aurors have a very difficult and very different life, I understand, but I want them to have something when the jobs not there. Lyca, she has a whole mess with this Colette and Tobias issue… This would be resolved of one of them would just admit they like each other and compromise. Not to mention her stringing this other boy along, he seems very nice, and a Quidditch player… Lycaaaa. Why do you do this? If… if something happens to me again, I just want to know the last time I see them they were at least happy. I wouldn’t have this regret that lingers that I couldn’t help them more in that.

They always make me worry.

Lyca, I know, worries for me. She’s scared I’m broken… which maybe I am. Sometimes it’s hard to contain my thoughts or say the right thing, being in public makes me antsy as the world feels too loud, and my confidence isn’t what it was. Not that her’s is either, especially after that retirement, which she has never explained. I just… Not all the pieces click anymore, which I know takes time, but it seems so slow. Nova helps some, not the tears or anything, but she sings sometimes… and it is refreshing to listen to. Makes me feel a little more at ease.too

I won’t end in too much trouble with Fridrik but it’s important this get solved. Hopefully, I’ll be staying in London until this all is sorted out. Tobias is at the center of this for some reason which means 
Lyca cares about it. It's Omar and Greyson's case. And believe it or not… and someone might be controlling a dragon.

How and more importantly, Why?

Case 5832-B. Entry 1

After hearing reports of a mysterious fire in a London apartment, the Ministry dispatched law enforcement agents to examine the scene. Once it was determined that the fire was magical in origin, rookie Aurors Greyson Ailith and Omar Sayeed were assigned to the case.

Within the apartment were the remains of two humans, burnt beyond recognition. (Lab is working on determining identities now). The Aurors determined that a dragon was likely responsible for the fire, but whether or not it was under a wizard’s control, and how it has remained hidden in London, remain a mystery.

Another civilian, Tobias Rose, was found on scene, largely unharmed. (Rose is a professional duelist who currently enjoys a strong following as he rises the ranks.) His memory of the previous hour had been lost, and his role in the incident is as of yet unknown. Rose was questioned but not detained – he is currently staying at his London flat. He remains a person of interest in this case.

Ailith and Sayeed brought in two consultants: Briar Ellis (dragonologist employed at Wales Dragon Sanctuary) and Lyca Norrington (former duelist, currently employed at Black Cape Security). Norrington filed the proper paperwork to join in on the case, but it appears she did so under instruction of her client, Colette von Hochberg (of the esteemed von Hochbergs of Germany). According to the newspapers and tabloids, Colette and Tobias are involved, so Norrington’s contributions to the case must be examined thoroughly for any hint of bias.

The Aurors and their consultants tracked down Margie Mitchell (illegal dragon dealer) and discovered that she sold a dragon egg 8 months ago to Edward Carter (now-deceased magical researcher – Carter had no next of kin. Reports indicate that his death was discovered recently by one Dorian Dredgemoore. Dredgemoore’s connection is unknown, but the investigators will likely shed light on it soon.)


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