Wales Dragon Reserve

The Wales Dragon Reserve is tucked away within higher elevation mountains, the preferable nesting spot for the Common Welsh Green Dragon. Compared to the Romanian reserve, Wales is seen as quite small, and the number of breeds present are considerably less, the Swedish Reserve is only slightly bigger but houses about the same number. 

Due to the most common Dragon on the Reserve being Welsh Greens, the Wales Dragon Reserve is considered one of the safer Reserves for departments such as the Ministry of Magic to observe how such Reservations are run. Since its opening they have obtained Swedish Short Snouts through migration and the occasional trafficked egg, and Antipodean Opaleye through trafficking as well. The New Zealand based breed manages to do well so far from its natural habitat due to Wales choice livestock of Sheep is common. Hibredean Black’s also sit on the reserve though they are usually maintained by the MacFusty Wizard clan in Scottland due to their aggressive nature and need for excessive territory space. 

Breeds found on the Wales Dragon Reserve:

Known Dragonologists at the Wales Dragon Reserve:

Wales Dragon Reserve

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