Fridrik Breinir

Age: Late Seventies

Occupation: Dragon Keeper

School: Durmstrang

An old, icelandic/nordic wizard that acts as one of the senior keepers at the Wales Dragon Reserve. He’s fairly stoic individual most of the time and prefers the company of beasts to other Wizards. Briar describes him as someone right out of a fantasy book as he is often adorned fully in outfits made of dragon hide along with a hand carved staff, dagger, as well as an older styled wand. Admittedly she’s mildly scared of him as any sane person would be. His tolerance for Wizard politics is incredibly low and patience with the Ministry is often stretched thin. As far as history most know he is a product of the Durmstrang Institute, a school which approves the practice of the dark arts, has made him an individual of interest to the Ministry. Not helping his cause is the fact he served time in a prison for improper use of magic, when considerably younger. He has been on the Reserve for about two decades now. 

Fridrik Breinir

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