Devi Sharma

Age: Late Thirties

Occupation: Magizoologist in the Ministry of Magic, Magical Beast Department

House: Ravenclaw

Before her transfer she was one of Briar's mentors, and is highly knowledgeable on the subject of dragon biology and needs. Admittedly, following Briar's accident in Sweden, she prefers the safer line of work and attempts to, in vain, encourage Briar to consider the same option. Devi is an intelligent woman, with a warm personality, that unfortunately comes off a little dismissive due to her need to multi-task constantly. Thanks to her student, she is also a budding enthusiastic of muggle technology and objects, and can often be found playing with such devices in her spare time. All the technology that she does have is actually dated about ten years, such as walkmans and VCRs, but she treats them as if they are amazing new creations. 


Devi Sharma

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