Andrea Pendragon

Age: Mid Forties

Occupation: Auror

House: Gryffindor

Andrea is one of the Auror’s that often checks in on Fridrik at the reserve. Their relationship seems tense at best though the two are quick to throw dry humor at one another to cope with their equally disagreeable positions.  She’s not a terribly social creature herself, but her record is impressive. Andrea is an older, wiser Auror who has seen more battles than she’d like to admit to. Rumor has it she was once on the Wizard Hit team, the Ministry’s magical swat, but suffered an injury a nearly fatal injury. The office afraid to lose her transferred her to the Aurors, while the job was risky, the immediate threat of losing her could be prevented. Andrea hates being reminded of this, largely due to her transfer being more a matter of politics with her family’s wishes than about her skill as a Wizard.

Andrea Pendragon

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