Ana McLeod

Age: Twenties

Occupation: Hippogriff Rancher

School: Home Schooled

Ana is Briar and Lyca’s mutual friend. The McLeods have been in business of breeding and ranching for a long time and have a business and political ties with the Norringtons. Briar found the McLeod’s farm through Hagrid when looking for a place to stable Lancelot. Ana is the squib daughter of the McLeod family. She is the handler for all of the hippogriffs there, and since it’s a job that doesn't require magic, it suits her quite well, even though the family is a little ashamed of her. Ana is not shy however, she loud, brash, likes to drink and flirt with women. However when she’s with the hippogriffs, they respect and listen to her, and she handles them with majestic serenity and precision.  Ana enjoys it when Lyca and Briar come by, and even though Lyca isn’t too good with Magical creatures, Ana has gotten her to ride one of the less proud ones from time to time.

Ana McLeod

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