Omar Sayeed

Ravenclaw, Auror, and former cripple


Attributes Skills

Agility : d6 (Athletics d4, Fly d4)

Vigor : d6 (Might d4)

Intellect : d8 (Lore d6, Herbology d4, Transfig d4)

Spirit : d6 (Persuasion d4, Defense Against the Dark Art d4)

Wits : d8 (Bluff d4, Notice d10, Charms d6)


Dodge 6

Toughness 5

Willpower 5


Danger Sense: Roll a Notice at a -2 to detect an ambush or surprise attack.

Command: Can assist in giving orders to allies, also give a +1 to Spirit to resolve being shaken.


Lame [Major]
Cautious [Minor]
Loyal [Minor]


Black walnut (+2 to Charms) and a Phoenix Feather.


Quidditch Broom (+1 to fly)


Omar spent most of his time studying and learning from what he could get his hands on. Thus, the book in his possession of dark origin was kept close to his person at any given time. The thing about Omar, was that he was extremely inquisitive over it, but understood just how dangerous it was. While he could easily study from it, it would also raise the chances that other people would notice it was in his possession. So the times he actually cracked the book itself were very few and far between. In times of pure solitude would he bother to even consider it.

But the book wasn’t his only focus. His studies at Hogwarts went well, and that was nearly an understatement. Ravenclaw were usually smart and witty, but Omar laid that proof down for everyone to see. Winning chess tournaments (both recreational and official), as well as getting near perfect grades in all of his classes, he set himself apart from even a normal Ravenclaw. But his social life certainly failed otherwise. Besides Lyca, Briar, and Greyson, Omar didn’t have many people he could call friends. Some called him a loner, but it was simply that he didn’t wish to focus on anything else but bettering himself.

This quirk led him to concentrate on his studies and little else. It became evident he’d go far in the wizarding world. Though as what, no one was entirely certain. During his next to last year, he began to wonder over his future, and came upon the realization that his cunning was put to better use outside of a classroom or a library. People believed he was meant for those two tasks, but he disliked talking to lots of people, and people were often reckless with books (as his time at Hogwarts was evidenced). Instead, he saw himself helping the community, while also putting his brain to good use. While he struggled with physical prowess, he eventually let it be less of a hindrance (even though it is technically one still), and let it be his badge of honor. He would become an Auror, simply because he wished to prove his disability would not be the undoing of his future.

Omar spent his last year studying, but also seeking a way to cure his limp. It was relatively easy, since magic had come a long way enough that stitching an old injury was just a swig and a wand wave away. The cure wasn’t one-hundred percent effective, considering he had lived with it for more than ten years, he still had a relative hitch in his step. He doesn’t struggle to walk fast, but running is still an issue, and he relies on his broom if he can help it. Though even then he can’t just fly it where he pleases.

Upon graduating and becoming an Auror, he had the fortune of being paired with Greyson. Fortunate beyond all measures, they complimented each other. While Omar had the smarts and wits, Greyson had the resolve and strength to fill the gaps where his friend fell short.

Omar is good friends with a woman at a grand library (name unknown) named Thedra Magdalyn. As one of the heads of the staff, she is an asset to Omar’s curious nature and a good lead on books of note. She’s clumsy, but good-hearted and always cheerful. The Auror doesn’t know or care if Thedra has feelings for her, as he’s usually focused on learning, rather than socializing. Instead of that, he sees her as a friend and little else.

Omar Sayeed

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