Briar Rose Ellis

Modern Day Druid




Attribute Skills Defenses
Agility d10 Fighting (d6) Dodge 5
Vigor d10 Toughness 6
Smarts d10 (A) Notice (d10), Spellcasting (d12)
Spirit d8 Guts (d8)
Strength d6

Special Abilities
Blind, Claw, Healing Tears, Rebirth, Size (-1), Tail Feathers


Age: 21
Blood Status: Muggle Born
Hogwart House: Hufflepuff
Martial Status: Single
Occupations: Magizoologist – Dragonologist, Author, Adventurer


Astronomy E Care for Magical Creatures O
Charms O Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Divination E Herbology O
Magical History A Potions A
Transfigurations E

Her Story…

Briar Ellis is a muggleborn wizard born in a small tourist town bordering England and Wales. Her mother a music teacher and her father a sheep farmer, she lived a quiet and peaceful life before discovering her gifts. Over imaginative and a bit of a wild child, her parents didn’t think much when Briar Ellis began claiming that animals listened to her. Only when a Welsh Green dragon landed on the outskirts of their farm and their nine year old daughter was petting it, were they incredibly concerned.

Following interception by the Ministry of Magic, and a few obliviating spells, Briar and her parents were pulled aside to discuss the events. With the rest of the town unaware, Briar’s parents mistook it all for a dream, until a letter of Hogwarts appeared in their mail box. Their sweet animal loving daughter was a Wizard.

Briar would be sorted into Hufflepuff where she’d attend for seven years. The awkward muggle born struggled for awhile to find her place, but eventually made friends with in her own house and three specific individuals from others houses. Lyca Norrington, a Gryffindor who believes she ought to have been a Ravenclaw, with a gift for quickspell casting and dueling. Greyson Ailith, a Slytherin quidditch beater who has struggled to walk the path of an Auror haunted by his mother’s dark wizarding legacy, and early on Briar’s protector. Last, Omar Sajeed, a Ravenclaw with a mind few could match with a laundry list of secrets that Briar pestered until he befriended her.

First several years of Hogwarts were exciting and terrifying. After all who starts their first year with their train getting attacked? Strange happenings of a dark wizard obsessed with finding new Wand Cores plagued their first four years, but following his imprisonment, life continued on as normal.

While her friends all found niche and clubs, she remained primarily caught up in extracurricular activity in helping care for Magical Creatures with Hagrid. She attempted various small clubs though never really found a strong place for herself all the way into her seventh year. As school came to an end, it would be Hagrid that recommended her for Dragonology studies at one of the reserves.

While her paperwork processing and checks went through the Ministry of Magic, Briar used the down time to travel across greater Europe. It was here she began working on her book, a minimalist wizarding survival guide to nature and the muggle world, for those wizards seeking true adventure and for those who might find themselves in terrible situations. Simultaneously she uses the writing as an excuse to go from place to place, testing her abilities with unique magical creatures and recording from the results. In her downtime, she explored ruins.

When the process was finished, Briar was relocated to the Romanian Dragon Reserve due to it being the largest of the reserves with the most unique breeds. There Briar trained for a full year, but became tangled in Dragon Dealer investigations. While visiting the Sweden Reserve, aiding in keeping dragons calm while Department of Magical Law investigated the area, Briar managed to do what she hadn’t since she was a child. She made a connection with a dragon, only for it to be killed by illegal poaching, as she was connected to it. Briar Ellis, feeling death so close, fell into shock from the magical backlash and took over a month to recover full functionality physically and mentally.

Following these events she was transferred to the Wales Dragon Reserve where she currently works and resides, though another brief travel exploration, resulted in her returning with a fairly interested creature she has kept hidden away in her room on the reserve.

Briar Rose Ellis

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