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Case 5832-B. Entry 1

After hearing reports of a mysterious fire in a London apartment, the Ministry dispatched law enforcement agents to examine the scene. Once it was determined that the fire was magical in origin, rookie Aurors Greyson Ailith and Omar Sayeed were assigned to the case.

Within the apartment were the remains of two humans, burnt beyond recognition. (Lab is working on determining identities now). The Aurors determined that a dragon was likely responsible for the fire, but whether or not it was under a wizard’s control, and how it has remained hidden in London, remain a mystery.

Another civilian, Tobias Rose, was found on scene, largely unharmed. (Rose is a professional duelist who currently enjoys a strong following as he rises the ranks.) His memory of the previous hour had been lost, and his role in the incident is as of yet unknown. Rose was questioned but not detained – he is currently staying at his London flat. He remains a person of interest in this case.

Ailith and Sayeed brought in two consultants: Briar Ellis (dragonologist employed at Wales Dragon Sanctuary) and Lyca Norrington (former duelist, currently employed at Black Cape Security). Norrington filed the proper paperwork to join in on the case, but it appears she did so under instruction of her client, Colette von Hochberg (of the esteemed von Hochbergs of Germany). According to the newspapers and tabloids, Colette and Tobias are involved, so Norrington’s contributions to the case must be examined thoroughly for any hint of bias.

The Aurors and their consultants tracked down Margie Mitchell (illegal dragon dealer) and discovered that she sold a dragon egg 8 months ago to Edward Carter (now-deceased magical researcher – Carter had no next of kin. Reports indicate that his death was discovered recently by one Dorian Dredgemoore. Dredgemoore’s connection is unknown, but the investigators will likely shed light on it soon.)


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